Our Values

 My vision was always to create beautiful, empowering underwear that you can wear every day.  I have always been passionate about women’s rights and have channelled this into Brighton Lace. 




Fair, Living Wage


We are committed to making sure that every member of the Brighton Lace team and our partners are able to earn a living wage doing what they love. Meet the team.


Socially Responsible Sourcing & Manufacturing


We know that the fashion industry is notoriously bad for valuing the hard work that goes into making garments and treating every worker with dignity and respect. Our vision is for a fashion industry that empowers everyone throughout the supply chain, no matter where they are in the world. Our lacies, tops and accessories are all handmade in house by our talented seamstresses and mother and daughter team Kitty and Lou. Our fabrics are sourced from trusted, socially responsible suppliers with certifications such as OEKO-TEX and GOTS.


Our Commitment To Sustainability


We are passionate about sustainability and work solely with earth-friendly and rescued fabrics from environmentally and socially responsible suppliers. Find out more about our commitment to sustainability.


Vegan & Cruelty Free


Most of our products are vegan except for our cashmere lacies, headbands and hand warmers which are made from re-purposed vintage cashmere and some of our Vintage Head Scarves. We love to transform deadstock fabrics into gorgeous new creations.


Empowering Women


Empowerment is at the heart of everything we do. Our vision is to create feel-good, sustainable lingerie designed to celebrate the beauty of being you! The shapes and silhouettes of our undies are all inspired by the amazing women and non-binary people out there. All of our lacies are designed to be comfortable and empower the wearer to feel great in their own skin, no matter what the occasion. This is why we avoid padding and underwire and anything that hides the natural shape of the body.


We also know that bodies vary in sizes and shapes which is why we are more than happy to chat with you about our different styles and sizes. We also offer bespoke size combinations free of charge. If you’d like a small band and medium cup or the straps a little shorter, just let us know.      


At Home Campaign


We know how important it is for you all to see people who look like you in our undies which is why, during lockdown last year, we launched our At Home Campaign! We wanted to celebrate diversity and work with our community so we reached out and so many of you got in touch wanting to be involved. 

Pretty much every set on our website and Etsy is modelled by amazing, everyday women and non-binary people whose stories we've honoured to share on our Instagram. 


Giving Back


We want to give back to the local community and to help support causes that we are passionate about. Whether that’s using our platform to share about social and environmental issues, celebrating people doing amazing things, channelling our values into Brighton Lace as a business or donating money to support charities that are doing important work.