Meet the team

We are a small all-woman team working together to create beautiful underwear that is both a joy to wear and doesn't cost the earth. Each of us is paid a living wage, doing what we love. We are all passionate about sustainability, small business and eye-catching undies that make us feel amazing!

Hi, I'm Lou




I’m the founder of Brighton Lace, fabric sourcer, resident order packer, lady on logistics, creative vision holder and voice behind our Instagram. Running a small business means wearing lots of hats, especially at the beginning! I started Brighton Lace on a market stall some years ago and today I'm proud to say we’ve grown into a four-woman team.
As someone who has always been passionate about women's rights, sustainability and small business, I've held a vision of creating a socially and environmentally responsible brand that has empowerment and transparency at its core.

Our Amazing Team 


I want everyone to know the women behind our feel-good undies brand. Each person in our team brings something unique. Kitty and Lou are our talented mother and daughter seamstress team. They’re the women who make your underwear. Then there's the wonderful Hermione who works on our marketing, campaign management and communications and is our customer service and e-commerce assistant.

Meet Lou

Lou (we have two Lou's!) is our resident designer and chief seamstress, she is the creative genius behind most of our pieces and is the lady with the skills to bring them to life across different sizes (the really hard bit!).
From designing, through to pattern cutting and then sewing, Lou is an expert in stretch - she is also one of the most creative people you’ll ever meet! When she’s not sewing underwear for us she’s working on her own sustainable denim brand, knitting the fluffiest mohair jumpers, handcrafting silver jewellery, patchworking, painting and more!

Meet Marta

With a background in underwear design, we were lucky to find Marta! She has quickly become our other main seamstress and is a wonderful addition to our team. It's Marta who makes all our lace undies!

Meet Our Partners  

Beyond the studio we work with trusted suppliers and collaborate with talented creatives as locally as possible.
We try to source our fabrics and packaging as sustainably  possible working with suppliers who share our values.
We also work with talented local freelancers who support us on our creative journey including our wonderful bookkeeper and accountant Kate Thomas and Brighton based photographer Natasa Leoni.
We are passionate about supporting small, women-led UK business and also sell a curated range of seasonal, handcrafted products on our website.

         Join The Community 

Are you following us @brightonlace yet? If not we’d love to have you! Our amazing Instagram community feels like an extension of the Brighton Lace team. We are always so inspired by everyone we are connected with. We love receiving your feedback and hearing your ideas.