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  • We love showering our loved ones with gifts to show them how much they mean to us. We also love supporting our favourite local independents to get our special people something we know they’ll adore. However, whilst there’s always a time and a place for presents, showing those that are the most important to us that we love them to the world and back doesn’t always need to involve spending lots of money on things.

    Here are the few ways to let a special person in your life know that they love you that doesn’t cost the earth.

    Brighton Lace’s favourite ways to say I love you that don’t cost the earth

    Cook them their favourite dinner

    Eating out at restaurants or even getting a takeaway at home can get expensive, especially if you’re planning on treating your loved one and footing the bill. Cooking at home can be just as, if not more delicious and makes for a relaxing brunch, lunch or evening meal where you can go at your own pace. Cooking for a love shows thought and care and they will really appreciate the effort. It also means that you can tailor the meal exactly to their tastes. Get creative – the more personal the choice, the better. Do they love a traditional three-course meal? Go for it! Is breakfast their favourite meal of the day? If so cook breakfast for dinner. Do they love dessert the most? Make dessert the main meal. Throw rules out of the window with this one. If cooking is your thing then you’ve got this covered, even if it isn’t, they’ll still appreciate the sentiment plus, beans on toast might actually be their favourite meal. Candles are a great way to level up the atmosphere and will give you extra bonus points.

    Write down 53 reasons why you love them

    This idea is seriously cute. You write down reasons why you think your person is amazing, fold them up and put them into a little box. When they are feeling down or just want a little reminder of how loved and cherished they are they can pick out a piece of paper and read your message. It’s such a good little boost they can carry with them throughout the year.

    Make time for your loved one

    Sometimes it can be as simple as making sure we carve out a little bit of time for the special people in my life. Life is busy. Once you factor in work, self-care, extra-curricular activities and socialising into the mix we don’t always have that much time to spare. And that’s not even factoring in the amount of time we spend buried in our phones or Netflix. Make a date to be fully present in the moment, to really listen, engage and be intimate with them. You could even make your own voucher book for them with different fun activities they can cash in across the year. This can include ideas like home massages, dinner for 2 and a movie night with films of their choice. Making time for your loved one can also include making mental notes to ask them about things in their life that mean a lot to them too, set yourself phone reminders if you know you’ll forget.

    Do something spontaneous for them

    Doing something spontaneous that’s full of thought is such a lovely little way to how much you love someone. It doesn’t even have to be a grand gesture although some people might love to be serenaded from the street. It could be anything from making them a cup of tea in bed in the morning, bringing them home their favourite chocolate bar, organising a romantic night they weren’t expecting or even just packing them breakfast or lunch to take with them on a busy day. Whatever it is, something thoughtful they weren’t expecting

    Make them a Spotify playlist

    Gather together music they love, you love and music you listen too together so they can listen to this playlist wherever they go. You can also make this a collaborative playlist so that you can keep on adding special songs for eternity. Remember, this doesn’t just have to be love songs, just songs you both enjoy. Music is a powerful tool that arouses emotions and feelings in us all. P.s. useful tip, if your loved one is someone who likes to read into things, be careful about the lyrics of songs you choose just in case, you don’t want them to get the wrong end of the stick.

    Write them a love letter

    Whether you’re a magician with words or not, writing a love letter has been a declaration of love for a long long time. Unlike flowers, a love letter will last forever and can be read time and time again. The best thing about love letters is they don’t have the Shakespearean sonnets, you can write a poem, something tongue a cheek or even just a list of 10 things you love about them. There’s so much scope to make a love letter your own.

    Plan a day of fun activities

    Go on a walk in the countryside, borrow a dog, go treasure hunting in charity shops, snuggle up and watch a movie in bed… or something more romantic…. Whatever they love to do the most, but don’t tell them what the plan is, just ask them to leave it in your capable hands. Don’t stress to much about sticking to the plan either, sometimes it’s best to have a plan in mind but see where the day takes you. You ever know what adventures you might end up on together. The most important thing is that you’re spending time with each other. And don’t forget to take photos to remember the day by!

    Enjoy sharing the love in thoughtful ways that don’t cost the earth!

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