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  • 5-reasons-to-support-small-independent-businesses-lingerie-handmade-lace-brighton

    #ShopSmallThinkBig – supporting small businesses can make a big difference. You can feel great about the fact that you’re enriching and supporting your local economy and communities, whilst purchasing an item that is unique and has been made with love. And that’s not all,  here are our top 5 reasons to support small, independent businesses.

    #1 Transparency

    Did you know #TransparencyIsTrending? When you buy from a small business you are more often than not able to see the full story of how your purchase came to be. There are fewer stages in the supply chain and fewer people involved making much easier to find out how, where and by whom your clothes are made. This also means it is easier to upkeep ethical and sustainable standards, especially when the production is done in-house like we do here at Brighton Lace. We can tell you that our laces are sourced in England and France, and everything else is sourced from UK companies including our lingerie components like elastics, rings and sliders. Most of our packaging and stationery is also from UK suppliers. We’ve also just launched a little collection of crop tops which are made using vintage lace and crepe fabric remnants – reducing fashion industry waste.

    #2 Supporting Your Local Economy

    Choosing a local business has positive effects on local economies, pumping money into your local community and helping it grow. When you shop at Brighton Lace, not only are you supporting us, as a local and UK based business, you’re also helping us support other people in the local economy too. We employ two seamstresses who live locally to help make our lacies, and we also work with other local people across the rest of the business from marketers to photographers and buy our fabric and other materials from people in the UK. This means that any money you spend with us goes back into circulation, enriching local communities.

    #3 Meeting The Maker

    You can find out exactly who it is who made your clothes and know that personal passion and love has gone directly into every aspect of the business. Building your trust is important. Alongside many other local makers and business, we recently took part in March #meetthemaker on our social media. Don’t worry if you missed it, you can also meet me, the founder of Brighton Lace, on our blog post here. We also love to keep you updated and involved with what’s going on in our bi-monthly newsletters. Not only that, you can meet us in person at local markets, or contact us directly over social media and email and chat to us about our products – feedback from you all is always welcome!

    #4 Championing Traditional and Artisanal Craft

    Through shopping with small, local businesses and designers you are supporting talented local makers, designers and suppliers – championing local skills, traditional techniques and craft that shouldn’t be lost, but unfortunately, have started to disappear due to outsourcing. There are many talented makers in the UK who don’t get the support and recognition they deserve. By supporting businesses like Brighton Lace you are allowing local artisans and creatives with a passion for their craft, make a living from doing what they love.

    #5 Uniqueness and individuality

    Small independent businesses can offer you products that have a personal story and reasoning behind their creation. Furthermore, by choosing to shop small you are able to purchase something individual and unique that hasn’t been mass produced. All our lacies are limited edition as well as being handmade – when you buy from a small business like us you are getting something that’s truly special. Shop small and let your individuality shine!


    Our Favourite Small Businesses

    We love shopping independent! Here are our favourite UK based small businesses, all of which sell beautiful products which we highly recommend you check out…

    The Emperor’s Old Clothes

    Bespoke and handmade fashion created from vintage & limited edition fabrics. See more.

    The Little Deer

    Handmade and designed industrial furniture, homewares and interiors. See more.


    Handmade homewears

    Corinne Taylor Holistic Therapy

    Handmade organic and cruelty-free aromatherapy products. See more.

    Kittys Clogs

    Conscious footwear brand that creates luxurious, handcrafted clogs. See more. 

    Nikki Strange Design

    Printed accessories, stationery and art prints. See more. 

    Feather and Bone

    Vintage inspired clothing made in London. See more.

    Our Favourite Independent Shop in Brighton: FLOCK

    And our favourite independent shop in Brighton is Flock – a boutique full of vintage and handmade treasures by local designers.


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