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  • Reusable Menstrual cloth

    Reusable cloth menstrual pads


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    Reusable Menstrual cloth

    Reusable cloth menstrual pad.

    Environmentally friendly reusable menstrual pads – handmade by English designer Moongazy Cloth, in these gorgeous fabrics:

    We have a choice of two different sizes:

    • Panty Liner – made from cotton fabrics with a popper to keep it in place. 9″ long.
    • Moderate flow menstrual pad– made from cotton and bamboo fabrics with a thin water-resistant layer and a popper to keep it in place. 11″ long.

    The benefits of using cloth menstrual pads include:

    • No single-use plastic and a lower plastic content than other reusable menstrual pads.
    • They can last at least 5 years using every month.
    • Extremely comfortable
    • Easy to look after
    • Can make your period less stressful meaning less cramping.

    Washing instructions:

    1. 1. Use
    2. 2. Store dry until wash day (Eg in open wet bag)
    3. 3. Put on a cold rinse cycle
    4. 4. Stain treat if required (stain stick or vanish soak)
    5. 5. Wash on a normal wash (no softener, 40 deg max)
    6. 6. Hang to dry



    Additional information

    Reusable menstrual pads

    Panty Liner, Moderate Flow Pad


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