Privacy Policy

Brighton Lace Privacy Policy

In accordance with UK Data Protection Law, we are committed to protecting your personal privacy, and take great care to securely store your personal information.

What information do we keep?
When you buy something from us we collect your name, email and mailing address so that we can process your order. We also collect your banking details or Paypal address, so that if you order with us again the transaction process will be faster next time round. However, you can also rest assured that your private banking information is never stored on our server.

What to do you do with my information?
We may also use these details to update you with future Brighton Lace news and special offers, but we will never give your information to a third party.

A better browsing experience.
We do monitor our website traffic, in order to understand the browsing activity of our customers, and to enable us to keep making a better Brighton Lace platform. This information also helps us to make a more personalised shopping experience for you.