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  • Merlot Red Lace Lingerie Set

    Valentine’s Day – ‘Love Letter To My Lacies’


    A Valentine’s declaration of love and adoration to my favourite lingerie inspired by Lydia Higginson for Fashion Revolution

    Dear Lacies,

    I love you. A lot. I know that I don’t express this enough or show you the appreciation and care you deserve as often as I should. However, this Valentine’s day I thought that it was about time I stopped taking you for granted and told you how I really feel in a love letter, crafted from the bottom of my heart.

    To start with I just want to say thank you for always being there for me. When I wake up in the morning, open up my undies drawer and see your deep red lace gazing up at me my heart fills with joy.  Thank you for providing me with a little celebration every day!

    My Valentine – handmade lace lingerie that compliments my body, my eyes and my skin; always making me feel amazing no matter what the occasion. Whether I’m lazing about in my lacies on the sofa or I’m dressed up in my matching bralette and knicker set for a special occasion, you’re always there cheering me on, providing me with the gentle support I need.

    Sexy Red Lace Lingerie Set

    I always smile when I think back to the story of when we first met. That moment when I first saw you, looking so delicate, hanging on the rail at @flockbrighton, eager for us to meet. I fell for your exquisite floral motif, unlike any lace I’d seen before. From that first fleeting glance, I knew I had to make you mine. It was love at first sight…

    The more I found out about you, the deeper I fell. You are a vintage remnant lace from the British fashion industry – full of stories, memories and incredible experiences. You really were and still are one of a kind. I heard that red is difficult to dye, but your shade is perfect. I breathed new life into you, introducing you to my favourite wardrobe staples, and you have continued to inspire my personal style, a muse feeding my creativity.

    Our relationship flew by in a blur the way only true love does. Next thing I knew, it was the evening before my wedding day, and there you were, a special lace set – handmade just for me. Your vibrant red lace was a daring choice, but whilst I nervously awaited the moment I was to walk down the aisle, I felt so good with your gentle support, close to my skin. That day, you made my heart sing and you continue to do so every day.

    Merlot Red Tiger Lily Lace Lingerie SetYou are caring and comfortable – forever being the backbone of my underwear collection. A matching set that appreciates and celebrates my body just as it is, not trying to mould me into something I’m not with uncomfortable seams or wires. I could never ask for anything more from my underwear, you’re truly perfect.

    Thank you for the memories that have become interwoven into your beautiful lace. No matter what the future holds, I will love and cherish you forever and always.

    We’d love to hear your love letters to your lacies! It’s so easy to take our clothing for granted, especially when it comes to our underwear. Here at Brighton Lace, we felt that it was about time we all started showing our favourite lingerie some love! They are with us in our most intimate moments, through the monotonous work days into the exciting parties and encounters. Our lacies are special, full of memories and have the power to make us feel a million dollars. This is why we love our new Instagram hashtag #feelgoodundies because that’s exactly what they are!


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