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    Ella Grace Denton and Jemma Finch

    It’s Fashion Revolution week and we thought we’d celebrate by talking to the two pioneers Ella Grace Denton and Jemma Finch who are the force behind Stories Behind Things. The work these two women do for the sustainable fashion movement is absolutely incredible and we’re honoured to be able to catch up with them!

    We absolutely love the work you guys do at Stories Behind Things, what was the idea behind it? Do you have a mission? 

    Our mission is to make sustainable living easy! We are made aware of all these issues that are portrayed through the media, they are often shown in a negative light and a lot of the time there are no easy solutions out there. We aim to put the power back into our hands and share ways that we can all make change in our day to day lives.


    Fashion Revolution Week

    Click the image to see how you can get involved.


    Did you have you have an ‘Ah Ha’ moment that kickstarted you into action? What’s your journey been like since the start of SBT?

    I think when we first started our Instagram we were dedicated to creating a space for our creativity. We didn’t know how we were going to thrive within that creative space but we were dedicated to expressing ourselves & our combined passions of sustainability and fashion. I think the act of making an Instagram page that we were both committed to allowed us to grow ideas and really follow our own journey.

    Fashion Revolution week is one of the most important weeks in the year for us and for the Fashion Industry as a whole, what have you been up to celebrate? 

    We’ve been asked to speak at 2 panels this week!!

    We loved the meeting at Hoxton hotel on Wednesday, and we’re excited for tonight! We’re heading to London College of Fashion alongside Agatha our friend who runs the luxury sustainable marketplace Antibad.

    Who Made My Clothes

    We love the way you speak out for ethical fashion and care for the planet. What does the #whomadeyourclothes campaign mean to you?

    We think it’s important that brands are able to track back through every stage of their production line. Its each brands responsibility to make choices when implementing decisions that will affect other peoples livelihoods. We don’t believe in cutting corners of diving through loopholes. We pride ourselves on highlighting brands that we come across that take full accountability for their decisions throughout their production line. Transparency is key to succeed in the market today.

    If they could change one thing about the current fashion industry what would it be?

    That marketing has made so many people feel like they are not enough as they are. We feel very strongly about the fact you have everything you need to get through this life as you are. Expressing yourself through the clothes you wear we believe should be an extension of your already existing value.

    Why do you think small fashion companies like Brighton Lace are important for the future of fashion? 

    Interaction is important to us, having a close community of like-minded people is key to a successful fashion brand in today’s climate. We have a strong connection to brands that are grassroots based, that share their journey and are relatable! No bullshit:)!

    Ella Grace Denton and Gemma Finch

    Finally, can you give us 5 tips for anyone who wants to dress more consciously?


    1. Start with cutting out low-quality fabrics that are derived from plastics! These are found in the cheap high street stores, compromising on quality and environmental & social aspects. Shop second hand or invest in pieces that you can keep for a lifetime,  not just single use.

    2. Mend your clothes, if a button falls off try and sew it back on, embroider onto it to revamp clothes to inject some love! Don’t throw it away.

    3. Attend a Clothes Switch! We host a plethora of events you can check out at www.storiesbehindthings.com

    4. Connect with like-minded communities, the online sphere is great for connecting with like-minded people. Its always easier to pursue a different avenue of fashion when you are able to gain inspiration from your friends!

    5. We are holding a Kickstarter for a project we are launching on 29th April. Its secret at the moment but keep your eyes peeled on the 29th on our channel @StoriesBehindThings.


    To find out more about FASHION REVOLUTION and how you can get involved visit www.fashionrevolution.org

    Stories Behind Things Photo credit @AntibadSaveSaveSaveSave


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