• We’ve been really lucky to work with some amazingly talented people recently. Last month we were excited to collaborate with American photographer Jessica Sterner. We loved her idea for an outdoor lingerie shoot in Greenwich, Connecticut, and thought it would make for a unique Brighton Lace lingerie feature.

    Brighton Lace lingerie shoot down by the river


    Jessica, let’s start at the beginning, how did you find Brighton Lace?
    I came across Brighton Lace on Etsy, I was looking for classy underwear and I stumbled on your brand. I thought it would be a great pairing and I don’t normally shoot lingerie, so it was a fun challenge for me. I saw the website images and I loved the photos for your Autumn Feature, particularly the lighting of the photography. When I read the ‘About Us’ page, I was hooked. After wonderful communication with you and learning that all your lingerie is handmade I was even more impressed!
    lingerie shoot in the wood Brighton Lace
    What’s your background?
    I have always loved photography, and when I was younger I’d never leave home without a camera. “Through the lens” truly became how I started to see the world. I went on to study photography in school, and later began to work on photography projects for different companies. It was then I realized, in addition to photography, my favourite thing to do is to plan a shoot and connect all of the creative pieces together. Art Directing is now the biggest part of my job and it allows me to do new things creatively and keep challenging myself.
    Brighton Lace lingerie shoot down by the river
    Sheer pink lace lingerie matching set for Spring
    Can you tell us what inspires your work?
    In general, I love doing shoots that are creative and fun. I particualrly love exploring and playing with light. I like to use my models’ faces and bodies to create compelling visuals- whether it’s from the abstract or interesting shapes they make or from stories the images tell. I don’t get to do it too often, but I love getting shots that really emanate the subject’s personality.
    Like us, you are really into the idea of collaboration, how does that show up in the way you work?
    I try to keep an open atmosphere during my shoots and encourage the models to share as many ideas as they’d like. I see it as a collaboration, not as a one-way street. I feel that this approach helps to find the perfect balance. I can help the model achieve the look I/the client wants, and have the model be as comfortable as possible  so they can show their true selves.
    Pink and Peach lace bralette sets
    Who did you work with on this shoot?
    Emma Rasch (who models the sheer Strawberry lingerie set and the matching Purple Heather halterneck) is a friend from years back. She’s modelled for about 6 years ago or so, and I thought she’d be a great fit. I found Domonique Aeriel Soul Bey online (she’s wearing the sheer Peach lace underwear), and it was a great collaboration with her too. She’s done a bit of modeling and is pursuing a music career as well.
    And finally, how did you choose this amazing outdoor location?
    To be honest, when I saw that the pretty pastel colours of your lingerie, I had lots of different ideas for the shoot. I wanted either a glamorous mansion or an outdoor setting with a lot of light. In the end I felt the mansion would be too dark and not as carefree and fun, and that’s when I realized the forest would be perfect!  I’d been going to this nature centre in Greenwich, Conneticut, since I was young and as soon as I thought about it I knew the location would be perfect!
    Pastel lace spring lingerie shoot from Brighton Lace
    Pink and Peach lace bralette sets
    For more about Jessica and to see her lovely gallery of work visit her website here or find her on Instagram @creative.at.large

    I have bought stuff for my wife from Brighton Lace before and it never fails to impress. She loves the fit and comfort. The most comfortable lingerie she has ever worn. Such a great business too!

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