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  • Love Letter To My Lacies

    Valentine’s Day – ‘Love Letter To My Lacies’   A Valentine’s declaration of love and adoration to my favourite lingerie inspired by Lydia Higginson for Fashion Revolution Dear Lacies, I love you. A lot. I know that I don’t express this...

    Brighton Lace Christmas Gift Guide

    You must all know by now how passionate we are about the magic of small independent businesses – we really like to shout it from the rooftops at every opportunity and Christmas is a golden one. To give you some inspiration we’ve put together a Brighton...

    The Little Winter Sale

    To make some space for an exciting new 2017 spring season, we’re having a LITTLE WINTER SALE! Take a peak at our range of discounted French Knickers in a variety of laces, including “Cranberry”, “Sheer Raspberry” and “Raspberry and...
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