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  • Love Letter To My Lacies

    Valentine’s Day – ‘Love Letter To My Lacies’   A Valentine’s declaration of love and adoration to my favourite lingerie inspired by Lydia Higginson for Fashion Revolution Dear Lacies, I love you. A lot. I know that I don’t express this enough...

    Self Care and Winter Wellbeing Tips

      Now that all the Christmas festivities have well and truly passed, and the winter chills seem to be indefinitely creeping in (for England at least!), it’s more important than ever to practice self-care and look after your mental and physical well-being. January is...

    Brighton Lace Christmas Gift Guide

    You must all know by now how passionate we are about the magic of small independent businesses – we really like to shout it from the rooftops at every opportunity and Christmas is a golden one. To give you some inspiration we’ve put together a Brighton...

    5 Ways to Wear Our Handmade Crop Tops

    Have you seen our limited edition crop tops floating around social media? We haven’t had much of an opportunity to showcase them yet because they keep selling out before we get to shoot them, but they’ve been such a success we’re going to be batch making them,...

    How To Have The Perfect Pampering Night In

    If you’ve had a long week, a long month or are getting yourself ready for a busy time ahead, taking time out for yourself is essential to relaxing and recuperating. Quite frankly, you deserve it! We can’t all be busy all the time and indulging in some much needed...

    Our Summer Holiday Packing Guide!

    Holiday season is here! That means plenty of hot dog legs on Instagram we can be jealous of, lounging by the pool, and cocktails on the beach! If you’re lucky enough to be jetting off somewhere warm and beautiful this summer, we’ve put together a summer holiday...

    Behind The Scenes: Upcycled Lace Wedding Banners

    Are you looking for pretty bohemian decorations for your wedding day or event?  We want to introduce you to our hand-crafted, vintage-style bunting! This brand new creation is made from the off-cuts of specially sourced fabrics, including our own laces, and adds a...

    Ways to wear the Lace Crop

       With spring officially about to burst everything into bloom, it’s time to bring the lace crop out to play. Here are some ways to get your lace on! 1. Team your crop with a lovely silk blouse – let those hints of lace peak through! 2 & 3. Match your lacy crop...
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