We’ve teamed up with the talented stylist wedding Kate Cullen, brilliant videographers Baxter and Ted and stunning wedding photographers Bowtie and Belle to bring you “Quiet Moments on Your Wedding Day”. Everything featured here can be found at the exquisite online bridal collection, Fine Art Wedding Boutique.


Imagine the morning of your wedding day, you open your eyes and remember today is the day you’re going to be walking down the aisle and into the arms of the one you love. It’s a day of pure celebration, and it’s your time to (really) shine.

the morning of your wedding day


Reflecting on your vows

Reflecting on all that has led to this special day.

Getting married

Imagine stepping into your beautiful bridal lingerie set, the floral lace soft against your skin, the matching bralette luxurious and elegant. You see the jewellery you have chosen laid out on the side, your dress handing up ready for it’s special bride. Everything you have chosen so carefully.



You can browse our handmade bridal lingerie in cream, white and rosebud laces at the Fine Art Wedding Boutique, but it’s not just our lace underwear you’ll find. Browse the gorgeously curated boutique for handcrafted English made pieces that will make you wedding day sparkle.

bridal hair pieces


bridal hairpieces

bridal hairpiece

Photography: Bowtie + Belle Photography

Creative Director: Kate Cullen for the Fine Art Wedding Boutique

Videographers: Baxter and Ted

Hair accessories and jewellery: Victoria Fergusson Accessories

Floral Design: Bramble and Wild

Stationery: Gemma Milly

Hair accessories: Victoria Millesime

Ribbons: Kate Cullen

Oblique pen holder: Toms Studio

Lingerie: Brighton Lace

Wedding rings: Sarie Joynes Bespoke Jeweller

Hand carved wooden cutlery and ring holder: Thorne & Anchor

Jewellery and knitwear: Kelly Spence Bridal

Model: Alexa Taylor

Venue: Dowry House

MUA: Victoria Fergusson