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  • Welcome to the Brighton Lace Blog!

    Fashion Revolution: 10 Things You Should Know

    FASHION REVOLUTION 10 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW   First things first, how did Fashion Revolution start? Do you know about

    We chat with photographer Fanny Beckman about her latest Body Positivity exhibition.

    Fanny Beckman is an incredible portrait photographer and writer who uses her creative work to explore feminist activism – and

    Love Letter To My Lacies

    Valentine’s Day – ‘Love Letter To My Lacies’   A Valentine’s declaration of love and adoration to my favourite lingerie

    Brighton Lace Christmas Gift Guide

    You must all know by now how passionate we are about the magic of small independent businesses – we really

    Self Care and Winter Wellbeing Tips

      Now that all the Christmas festivities have well and truly passed, and the winter chills seem to be indefinitely

    Our Values – Ethical and Sustainable Fashion

    We are proud to be an ethical and sustainable fashion brand and want our lacies and other pieces to be
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