Be Your Own Valentine this Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s day – a time traditionally for couples to celebrate their undying love for one another, and more recently thanks to the coining of ‘galentines’ and ‘palentines’, a time for showing the love to those who mean the most to us. However, there is one person that often gets overlooked – the most important person in your life to show love to… you.

Self-love comes from the inside and creates within you a pillar of strength and confidence that cannot come from anywhere else. It is a state of appreciation of ourselves that is essential to living well and being truly happy without having to rely on the people around us.

You are you enough, and you always will be! Every being is special regardless of background, qualifications, jobs, perceived successes, relationship status etc. and we should appreciate ourselves for the joy we bring by being in the world. Self-love starts with being kind and gentle with yourself and appreciating who you are inside and out – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Lock away your inner critic and make a pledge to be your own Valentine this Valentine’s day!  


Here are our 5 favourite tips for showing yourself the love every day:

#1 Speak to yourself how you’d speak to a friend.

Thinking self-love is the most important way to learn to love yourself. Do you speak to yourself in the same positive and supportive ways you’d speak to a friend? Do you console yourself with kind words when you’re upset? Tell yourself you’re doing a great job when you’re feeling defeated? Compliment yourself and celebrate the daily wins? Many of us engage in daily self-criticisms and talk negatively too and about ourselves – no wonder we’re left with low self-esteem. These are totally undeserved and are things we would never say to anyone else! Next time you’re beating yourself up about something, take a deep breathe and recite back to yourself the lovely things you would say if you were interacting with a friend. ‘Don’t be silly, you look amazing’, ‘Don’t worry about it, everything rights itself out in the end’ ‘Don’t be down, you’re doing such a great job!’. And if you’re feeling sad then that’s ok too, you’re allowed to feel down from time to time, don’t push it down, give yourself time and space to recover.     

#2 Self Care time is imperative

Spend time with yourself, doing the things that you love to do and if that means cancelling or putting off plans with other people, then do it! So many of us find ourselves ‘too busy’ to find time to relax and partake in an activity that is just for ourselves.  Whether your thing is relaxing in bed with your favourite book, cooking your favourite meal, soaking in bath oils or dancing around your bedroom if your favourite underwear – make a space in your calendar for self-care time every week if not every day. Meditation and leaving the busy world behind to go out into nature is also a great way to unwind. Loving yourself means looking after your mind as well as your body, and taking time out to reset and recharge is imperative to your personal wellness.  We also have a Valentine’s gift for you in the form of a Brighton Lace Valentine’s playlist that makes perfect background music for all self-care activities.  

#3 Be kind to your body

Stand in the mirror every day in your favourite lingerie and just take a minute to appreciate the wonderful person in front of you. We all often participate in negative conversations with ourselves about our own bodies – setting unrealistic goals and expectations. But with self-love comes a self-appreciation,  acceptance, and assurance surrounding our physical being. Give yourself a pep talk look yourself in the eye and tell yourself you are an incredible human just the way you are. This also encompasses eating nourishing foods, exercising regularly and resting when you feel like your body needs it.


#4 Learn to put yourself first

Of course, it shows that you are a caring and charitable person if you put other people’s needs before yours, but if this is something you are doing too regularly it can take a great toll on your own wellbeing. Instead of saying yes to everything and taking on more than you can cope with,  you should be showing self-love through putting yourself first. In the end, you can’t love and support other people if you are not loving and supporting yourself. Do things that make you happy, follow your passions, develop yourself as a person, and say no if someone asks something of you that you don’t want to give. You don’t owe anyone else anything, but you do owe it to yourself, to show yourself love.  

#5 Don’t set unrealistic expectations for yourself

You can’t be it all, and you don’t have to be. Modern women are especially hard on themselves and we often feel like we have to be the entrepreneur, the caregiver, the socialite and the charity worker all at once, and if we can’t do all these things then we are failing. We’ve all tried to cram an unrealistic amount of work into a day and got angry at ourselves for not completing it, scheduled in multiple social dates into a busy week and then feel guilty for backing out of plans last minute and constantly compare ourselves to the way we perceive other people to be. But it doesn’t have to be this way, you just need to remember that we’re all only human and we’re all different. Avoid the compare and despair cycle and show yourself love and compassion instead.



Make a Valentine’s day promise to yourself, that from this day forward you will take steps towards making self-love a part of your daily routine.  Don’t forget to check out our Valentine’s playlist on Spotify – the perfect soundtrack to your new beginning.     




Winter Stories – A Collaboration

Here at Brighton Lace we’re really into collaborations, especially with other small businesses that we love. We got together with Pick Up Sticks Vintage and The Emperor’s Old Clothes to bring you “Winter Stories – combining snuggly knits and beautiful handmade fashion with our latest lingerie.

Morning coffee in our lace camisole, handmade culottes and vintage kimono.

Toasty tea party moments.


Snuggly Sunday’s at home.

Duvet days.




How To Have The Perfect Pampering Night In

If you’ve had a long week, a long month or are getting yourself ready for a busy time ahead, taking time out for yourself is essential to relaxing and recuperating. Quite frankly, you deserve it! We can’t all be busy all the time and indulging in some much needed pampering time can leave you feeling on top of the world, ready to take on life and its challenges. Of course everyone unwinds in different ways, but for a lot of us, taking time to relax by ourselves in a calm environment is fundamental to this – but something we don’t get the opportunity to do very often.  

#1 Leave your worries and stresses at the front door

We all have an endless thoughts swimming around our heads, from our worries to that never-ending to do list. But every once in a while we need to take these weights off our shoulders, and place them on the pavement outside the front door, leaving them to be dealt with another day. The world isn’t going to crumble, nothing bad will happen and everything will be the same in the morning. We all deserve a carefree night of switching off, relaxing and re-charging our batteries. Take a deep breath as you walk through the door and expel all those stressful thoughts.

#2 Run a hot bath with candles and bubbles and your favourite feel-good music.

And just lie there… for as long as you like. Create a beautiful atmosphere in your bathroom with scented candles and a relaxing playlist and let it become an oasis of calm. Revamp your bathroom into a DIY spa and you won’t regret it, just close your eyes, clear your mind and concentrate on the smells and sounds around you whilst you float in the foamy warm water. Soaking in a hot bath can help reduce everything from anxiety to muscle aches, so it’s the perfect way to unwind.

#3 Put on your favourite lingerie

Post bath – dry yourself in the fluffiest towel, cover yourself head to toe in your favourite moisturising lotion and slip into your favourite outfit. This could be anything, but when comfort is the main requirement, there’s honestly nothing nicer than lounging around the house in a lovely lingerie set. Brighton lace lingerie is made from the softest lace and is free from any underwiring, clasps or heavy seams, meaning that except for those sneaky peaks in the mirror to admire how great you look, you’ll barely know it’s there. If it’s a little bit chilly, our lacy bralettes go perfectly with your comfiest pair of sweats – as seen on Ella from @storiesbehindthings.

#3 Cook your favourite dinner

Buy yourself those expensive ingredients and whip up a delicious meal. Cooking for yourself can be so relaxing, especially with a glass of wine to aid the process. And don’t forget a big old helping of your favourite dessert! For those who’d rather not do the cooking, for the ultimate pampering order from your favourite takeaway instead.

#5 Create a relaxation haven

Grab a load of cushions and blankets and snuggle up on your sofa or bed – read a book, do some drawing, sewing or put on your favourite film. Take some time out to do something for yourself. We get so caught up in the whirlwind of work, responsibilities and socialising that doing the activities that are purely for ourselves often get sidelined. Whether you are rekindling your inner creativity or getting immersed in your favourite plot line, opt for the activities that make you happy and and let you unwind into a deep state of bliss. And don’t leave the beautiful fragrances and chill out playlist in the bathroom, continue evoking this of tranquillity throughout the night.

And don’t forget an early night to help you feel fully rejuvenated the next day!

Do you relax in your lacies? Tag #brightonlace in your photos to be featured on our Instagram. Also check out our Brighton Lace Spotify for some great feel good playlists!  

Our Summer Holiday Packing Guide!

Holiday season is here! That means plenty of hot dog legs on Instagram we can be jealous of, lounging by the pool, and cocktails on the beach! If you’re lucky enough to be jetting off somewhere warm and beautiful this summer, we’ve put together a summer holiday packing guide with some essentials and some helpful tips. And if you’re bringing any of our lace pieces with you on holiday, snap a pic of it in your suitcase and tag us on Instagram!


Essentials to pack…

#1 A sarong or a wide scarf

A sarong is such an amazing item to bring with you on holiday because you can use it in so many ways! You can use it as a pillow or a blanket on the plane, as a skirt on the beach, as a picnic blanket, as a wrap on chilly evenings…it’s so versatile! Plus, they come in so many different beautiful colours and patterns. You don’t just have to try and hunt down a sarong – thin, wide scarves work just as well too.

#2 Our new Lou Lou halter set!

We just launched the new Lou Lou halterneck set and we’re completely in love with this vintage-style white floral lace – it’s become a Brighton Lace signature! Our sets are perfect for taking on holiday since the fabric is so light, it’s ideal for hot summer nights. Plus, you can wear the halter top as outerwear, and the lace ties at the back mean that it’s super comfortable – just want you need on a hot, sunny day! Take a look at our Lou Lou halter set here.

#3 A beach bag and a clutch bag

As much as you don’t want to overpack, bringing both a beach bag and a clutch bag is essential! You want a nice, big beach bag to take everything you’ll need out with you – your bikini, a towel, some suncream, maybe a book…but then when you go out in the evenings, you don’t want to be lugging that thing around with you! Plus, your beach bag is going to get wet and sandy, it’s unavoidable – and not ideal if you’re heading out for a nice dinner. So take something smaller along with you for just your evening essentials.


#4 Fancy flip flops

Sure, we all love a good heel, but when you’re walking along cobbled streets or sand, you might find yourself dreading putting those things on in the evening. That’s when some fancy flip flops are ideal! There are so many gorgeous flip flops available with proper bases, not foam, with jewels, gems, or sparkles on the straps to dress them up. They’re super comfortable and look gorgeous, and are totally appropriate for holiday evenings.


#5 Quick hair fixes!

If you’re heading straight from the beach to dinner, the last thing you want to be worrying about is sea-hair! So make sure you bring a little quick-fix hair kit with you to the beach. Depending on how you like your hair, or how cooperative it is after spending hours in salt water, you might want to bring a mini hairbrush, some hairbands, a headband, or some pins. A detangling spray can also be super useful for reducing your hair from a messy, knotted wave to a soft, beachy wave!


Helpful packing tips…

#1 Use packing cubes

Packing cubes are possibly the best invention ever. Okay, probably not, but they are amazing for helping you pack. They’re a great way to get everything organised so that once you get on holiday you don’t have to worry about finding where you’ve put everything. They’re little pouches that come in all different sizes, and they zip closed. You can put all your tops in one cube, your dresses in another, your undies in another, and you can leave one empty all ready for your laundry so it’s separated from the rest of your clothes. Packing cubes are an organised girl’s dream!


#2 Bring a portable charger

When you’re sunbathing at the beach, sunglasses on, headphones in, the last thing you want is for your phone to die and the music to cut out. Portable chargers are great if you use a lot of teach while you’re out and about on holiday, whether that’s because you like listening to music while sunbathing, taking photos of the beautiful region you’re in, or maybe you just want to make sure your phone won’t die in case you lose sight of your group and need to contact them. Portable chargers are pretty small and super handy, just charge it overnight at your hotel and pop it in your bag the next day – simple!


#3 Pack versatile pieces

Make sure that you have a lot of pieces that can work together, so you can mix and match different outfits. If you bring tops/shorts/skirts that can all go together, you don’t have to worry about piecing together an outfit and it also means you can probably take fewer clothes with you. If you’ve got a top you love but it only goes with a certain pair of shorts, how much use are you going to get out of that? Look at patterned things carefully too. If you only bring one skirt and it’s got a busy pattern, will you want to wear that with super patterned tops too? Think about how all the peices you’re bringing work together!


#4 Leave space for holiday buys

It’s tempting to just pack your suitcase to the brim so you can bring as much with you as you like (what if you need those white stilettos you’ve only worn once but would look amazing with a tan?), but you’ll soon be regretting that if you love a bit of holiday shopping! If you’re the type of person that loves to buy themselves treats on holiday, or likes to bring souvenirs back for family and friends, make sure you leave enough space for that in your suitcase – or you’ll have to make some tough decisions when you pack to come home!


#5 Make a list!

For some people, packing is all part of the fun of going on holiday, and they make lists, roll every item of clothing, and pack it all in a super organised way. For others, it’s a chore that gets left to the last minute. If you’re one of those people – resist the temptation to throw things in a bag and leave! The last thing you want when you get to your beautiful destination is to find you’ve left something important at home. Even if it’s less important, it can be disappointing to find that that dress you bought specifically for this holiday has been forgotten. Sit down with a cup of tea and take ten minutes to write a list of everything you think you’ll need, then you can cross things off as you throw things into your suitcase!


We hope you got some useful tips for your holiday here! If you’re jetting off somewhere and taking one of our peices, we’d love to see, so tag us on Instagram!



Behind The Scenes: Upcycled Lace Wedding Banners

Are you looking for pretty bohemian decorations for your wedding day or event?  We want to introduce you to our hand-crafted, vintage-style bunting! This brand new creation is made from the off-cuts of specially sourced fabrics, including our own laces, and adds a touch of romance to any occasion.

Here’s a little video of us making the White and Silver Sparkly Wedding Banner:

Getting Inspired To Make Upcycled Bunting

We decided to start making ribbon style, lace bunting after a light-bulb moment that occurred when we were thinking about how to make Brighton Lace a zero waste business. Being conscious and mindful about how our products are made is something that is very important to us, and we wanted to find creative ways of making sure none of our beautiful fabrics go to waste.  Our limited edition English laces are specially sourced and mostly hand-dyed by us, and because of this we wanted to savour every last bit!

So, we realised that if we gathered vintage haberdashery from our friends in Brighton, we could use them alongside the lace off-cuts from our lingerie to make gorgeous bunting suitable for all festivities, from summer parties to weddings. Not only are we able to create fun, bohemian decorations out of what would otherwise become scrap, we have also been able to help other designers in Brighton reduce their waste too!

The gorgeous combination of lace and vintage fabrics in our ribbon buntings make for an aesthetically pleasing showpiece, which as it turns out is also a really effective way of making sure that every piece of our lace is created into something beautiful and functional. Can’t believe we hadn’t thought of it before!

These bunting banners are all hand-crafted by us in our studio, so we thought we’d give you a little sneaky behind the scenes peak and share our making process.

#1 Cutting the Fabrics into strips

We made the ribbons using our own lace cut offs, and then chose an eclectic combination of beautiful crochet, silk, ribbon, crepe and floral cotton fabrics to add different colours and textures.


#2 Laying Out The Ribbons

After cutting the fabrics into strips, they were then grouped into colour combinations. For this one we chose to use gorgeous white and metallic fabrics, making wedding bunting with a wistful and romantic feel.


#3 Creating The Bunting

We then cut ourselves a long piece of ribbon to use as the base, and carefully tied each strip of fabric onto it in a repetitive pattern. We love the way that the different textures work together, and the sprinkling of glitter adds a festive touch, perfectly offsetting the whites.

#4 Laying Out The Bunting

Once all the ribbons have been tied, we then laid out the bunting flat on the table, re-arranged the ties and checked for any ribbons that had become uneven.

#5 Neatening Up The Ends

Finally, we neatened up the ribbons with shearing scissors, making sure they will all look tidy and perfectly in sync when they are blowing around in the summer breeze.


So if you are looking for some hand-crafted decorations that are a little bit more special, and bring a ’boutique’ feel to your events, then this bunting is the perfect choice!! 

Now Available In Our Shop:


White and Gold Sparkly Wedding Banner


 White and Silver Sparkly Wedding Banner


White, Blue and Pale Green Lace and Vintage Fabric Bunting



We can also make to order – If you are looking for decorations that add have a more personalised feel  then let us know the style of your wedding or event, and what colour theme you have in mind, and we can make you something lovely and bespoke.