• Are you looking for pretty bohemian decorations for your wedding day or event?  We want to introduce you to our hand-crafted, vintage-style bunting! This brand new creation is made from the off-cuts of specially sourced fabrics, including our own laces, and adds a touch of romance to any occasion.

    Here’s a little video of us making the White and Silver Sparkly Wedding Banner:

    Getting Inspired To Make Upcycled Bunting

    We decided to start making ribbon style, lace bunting after a light-bulb moment that occurred when we were thinking about how to make Brighton Lace a zero waste business. Being conscious and mindful about how our products are made is something that is very important to us, and we wanted to find creative ways of making sure none of our beautiful fabrics go to waste.  Our limited edition English laces are specially sourced and mostly hand-dyed by us, and because of this we wanted to savour every last bit!

    So, we realised that if we gathered vintage haberdashery from our friends in Brighton, we could use them alongside the lace off-cuts from our lingerie to make gorgeous bunting suitable for all festivities, from summer parties to weddings. Not only are we able to create fun, bohemian decorations out of what would otherwise become scrap, we have also been able to help other designers in Brighton reduce their waste too!

    The gorgeous combination of lace and vintage fabrics in our ribbon buntings make for an aesthetically pleasing showpiece, which as it turns out is also a really effective way of making sure that every piece of our lace is created into something beautiful and functional. Can’t believe we hadn’t thought of it before!

    These bunting banners are all hand-crafted by us in our studio, so we thought we’d give you a little sneaky behind the scenes peak and share our making process.

    #1 Cutting the Fabrics into strips

    We made the ribbons using our own lace cut offs, and then chose an eclectic combination of beautiful crochet, silk, ribbon, crepe and floral cotton fabrics to add different colours and textures.


    #2 Laying Out The Ribbons

    After cutting the fabrics into strips, they were then grouped into colour combinations. For this one we chose to use gorgeous white and metallic fabrics, making wedding bunting with a wistful and romantic feel.


    #3 Creating The Bunting

    We then cut ourselves a long piece of ribbon to use as the base, and carefully tied each strip of fabric onto it in a repetitive pattern. We love the way that the different textures work together, and the sprinkling of glitter adds a festive touch, perfectly offsetting the whites.

    #4 Laying Out The Bunting

    Once all the ribbons have been tied, we then laid out the bunting flat on the table, re-arranged the ties and checked for any ribbons that had become uneven.

    #5 Neatening Up The Ends

    Finally, we neatened up the ribbons with shearing scissors, making sure they will all look tidy and perfectly in sync when they are blowing around in the summer breeze.


    So if you are looking for some hand-crafted decorations that are a little bit more special, and bring a ’boutique’ feel to your events, then this bunting is the perfect choice!! 

    Now Available In Our Shop:


    White and Gold Sparkly Wedding Banner


     White and Silver Sparkly Wedding Banner


    White, Blue and Pale Green Lace and Vintage Fabric Bunting



    We can also make to order – If you are looking for decorations that add have a more personalised feel  then let us know the style of your wedding or event, and what colour theme you have in mind, and we can make you something lovely and bespoke.












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