6 Touches Your Wedding Day Wouldn’t Be Complete Without

Wedding season is here! The weather is warming up, and we know there’ll be hundreds of beautiful summer weddings up and down the country this season. Since we offer a range of bridal lingerie, as well as a lot of sets in white, ivory and other neutral tones, we think that some of you reading this might be one of those summer brides, so we’ve got six tips for you to think about for your wedding day. They’re all extra finishing touches that can make a big impact to your mood and your memories of your wedding day, and help make it extra special!

#1 Perfume or Essential Oils

We associate memories with scents. Wearing a beautiful fragrance, whether it’s your staple everyday perfume (or essential oil) or one that you’ve bought specially for the event, means that the exquisite tones of your chosen scent will always be intermingled with the joy and happiness you felt.

Not only will you look beautiful, you also want to smell irresistible, giving an air of love and romance. So having the right scent is an important touch to complete your wedding day. The scent you wear complements your style and your personality! From deep musky tones to delicate floral scents, it’s important that you choose the right scent for you.

If you’re choosing to invest in a new fragrance, which we all know can be a bit daunting, a good place to start is to think back to previous scents that you or others have worn that you love. Make sure you try it before you choose it though because different perfumes can react differently depending on the wearer. We love natural blended essential oils from Neil’s Yard and Eden perfumes. At Eden not only do they create organic and cruelty-free versions of many well-known perfumes, they also give you the option of creating your own scent combinations!

#2 Lingerie

Nothing makes you feel as fabulous on your wedding day than being decked head to toe in beautifully constructed, carefully chosen pieces – from your jewellery and wedding dress right down to the gorgeous pair of lacy knickers and bralette that only you know are there.

The day is all about you, and every bride-to-be is entitled to ‘something new’, so why not invest in quality that will last and treat yourself to the perfect finishing touch to your wedding outfit. The pieces you wear should be special, and a set of delicate lace underwear that you can cherish forever is an extra touch that’ll not only make you feel amazing but will be interwoven with the memories forever.

Brighton Lace loves:

Sourced in England, the exquisite vintage style lace of this cream lace set is handmade into French knickers and a wide lace bralette which sits elegantly on the shoudlders. Not only is it aesthetically beautiful, but it’s also comfortable, which is a must when you’ll be wearing it throughout the day and into the night. Find it in our boutique!

#3 Emergency Prosecco

No matter how meticulously you’ve planned the day and how ready you are to marry the love of your life, everyone is prone to getting the wedding day jitters – it’s a big event! So it’s always good to have some ‘Dutch courage’ on hand for when the nerves start to kick in. Keeping a little bottle of emergency Prosecco on hand at all times is an absolute must. And we’re sure you bridesmaids would agree that a wedding is, after all, a cause for celebration, and normal rules of alcohol consumption do not apply…so don’t think twice about having a little 10am glass of bubbly!

#4 Scented Candle

Lighting a scented candle is a great way to transform the atmosphere of a room, as different scents can evoke memories, wake you up, or keep you calm and relaxed. There’s something so luxurious about a scented candle, and if you’re getting ready in an unfamiliar space, it can really help to make it your own. If you’ve got to be up at dawn to prepare but you’re not a morning person, a citrus smell can energise you! Or if you’ve got a big wedding planned and you’re nervous about it running smoothly, a lavender one can help to calm you down. Whether you’re getting ready at home, in a hotel room, or in a dressing room, lighting a beautifully scented candle straight away sets the tone for your morning. Plus, just like perfume, you’ll associate the smell with your wedding day, so you can keep the candle and light it on your anniversary!

#5 Getting Ready Playlist

Something else that set the tone for your day is a playlist! Just like lighting a scented candle, putting on some music can make a new space feel like your own, and can really affect your mood. You might want to create a playlist of some of you and your fiancé’s favourite songs, to get you reminiscing about when you heard them together. Or you might want to create a playlist to get you in a particular mood – so you could create something calming with lots of piano to create a spa-like feeling while you pamper yourself for your wedding, or you could create something upbeat and fun so you can have a laugh with your bridesmaids while you all get ready!

Here at Brighton Lace, we’ve started sharing a monthly playlist of our favourite songs to listen to in the office! Click here to check out June’s playlist, we love it for its chilled out summer vibe!

#6 Survival Kit

This might be something your bridesmaids can take charge of, but it’s good to make sure someone is prepared with a wedding day survival kit! The best way to fend off wedding day jitters so you can feel relaxed is good preparation, so having a few tools ready for any mini-disasters will make you feel like nothing can stop you. Your emergency kit could have things like a sewing kit (make sure the thread is the same colour as your dress!), mini-hairspray, hair pins for any hair that comes loose, a lint roller to keep your dress pristine, and blister plasters in case your beautiful new wedding shoes give you any trouble! Other handy things might include wipes, your nail polish (in case it chips during the day!), and lip balm.

We hope you loved our ideas for luxurious finishing touches for your wedding day, let us know if you’ve got any other tips you want to share!





We interview photographer Jessica Sterner about our recent Outdoor shoot.

We’ve been really lucky to work with some amazingly talented people recently. Last month we were excited to collaborate with American photographer Jessica Sterner. We loved her idea for an outdoor lingerie shoot in Greenwich, Connecticut, and thought it would make for a unique Brighton Lace lingerie feature.

Brighton Lace lingerie shoot down by the river


Jessica, let’s start at the beginning, how did you find Brighton Lace?
I came across Brighton Lace on Etsy, I was looking for classy underwear and I stumbled on your brand. I thought it would be a great pairing and I don’t normally shoot lingerie, so it was a fun challenge for me. I saw the website images and I loved the photos for your Autumn Feature, particularly the lighting of the photography. When I read the ‘About Us’ page, I was hooked. After wonderful communication with you and learning that all your lingerie is handmade I was even more impressed!
lingerie shoot in the wood Brighton Lace
What’s your background?
I have always loved photography, and when I was younger I’d never leave home without a camera. “Through the lens” truly became how I started to see the world. I went on to study photography in school, and later began to work on photography projects for different companies. It was then I realized, in addition to photography, my favourite thing to do is to plan a shoot and connect all of the creative pieces together. Art Directing is now the biggest part of my job and it allows me to do new things creatively and keep challenging myself.
Brighton Lace lingerie shoot down by the river
Sheer pink lace lingerie matching set for Spring
Can you tell us what inspires your work?
In general, I love doing shoots that are creative and fun. I particualrly love exploring and playing with light. I like to use my models’ faces and bodies to create compelling visuals- whether it’s from the abstract or interesting shapes they make or from stories the images tell. I don’t get to do it too often, but I love getting shots that really emanate the subject’s personality.
Like us, you are really into the idea of collaboration, how does that show up in the way you work?
I try to keep an open atmosphere during my shoots and encourage the models to share as many ideas as they’d like. I see it as a collaboration, not as a one-way street. I feel that this approach helps to find the perfect balance. I can help the model achieve the look I/the client wants, and have the model be as comfortable as possible  so they can show their true selves.
Pink and Peach lace bralette sets
Who did you work with on this shoot?
Emma Rasch (who models the sheer Strawberry lingerie set and the matching Purple Heather halterneck) is a friend from years back. She’s modelled for about 6 years ago or so, and I thought she’d be a great fit. I found Domonique Aeriel Soul Bey online (she’s wearing the sheer Peach lace underwear), and it was a great collaboration with her too. She’s done a bit of modeling and is pursuing a music career as well.
And finally, how did you choose this amazing outdoor location?
To be honest, when I saw that the pretty pastel colours of your lingerie, I had lots of different ideas for the shoot. I wanted either a glamorous mansion or an outdoor setting with a lot of light. In the end I felt the mansion would be too dark and not as carefree and fun, and that’s when I realized the forest would be perfect!  I’d been going to this nature centre in Greenwich, Conneticut, since I was young and as soon as I thought about it I knew the location would be perfect!
Pastel lace spring lingerie shoot from Brighton Lace
Pink and Peach lace bralette sets
For more about Jessica and to see her lovely gallery of work visit her website here or find her on Instagram @creative.at.large


Why we love stocking Flock, Brighton

Nestled in the heart of Brighton’s North Laines is Flock,

not only a wonderful independent boutique started by 4 friends,

but also one of our favourite stockists!

We adore the stylish mix of vintage, bohemian and handmade pieces crafted from a handful of talented local labels.

I could tell you all about each of the four women behind the shop,

but I thought it would be much more fun to make a little guided tour, introducing you to each maker as we go.

Enjoy the video!



Where is Brighton Lace, you may be wondering?

Our rail is located in a little alcove towards the back of the shop.

I restock our lacies pretty much every week to keep it fresh and seasonal,

so if you want to try one of our pieces on for size,

come in and see how they look.

And finally, we’re very excited to be a part of the FLOCK SOIREE this Friday evening, 5-8pm!

Come along to meet the makers, have a glass of fizzy and get 15% off every single little thing in the shop!

New for Spring.




spring lace lingerie bralette and matching knickers

After what seems like an age, we’ve finally made it to my favourite season! For me Spring is a time when the aliveness of nature gets my creativity flowing. Inspired by the gorgeous colours showing up in the garden, we’ve been busy crafting our new Spring Lingerie Collection. We’re very happy to introduce our pretty pastel tones including Peach, Raspberry, Blueberry, Purple Heather and Slate and Teal.

To celebrate the launch of our new collection, we’re offering FREE SHIPPING all week long.

Use code LOVESPRING to with your new lacies.



Lace bralette matching lingerie set

Sheer Peach Lace Bralette Set


spring lace lingerie bralette and matching knickers

Slate and Teal Bralette Set



spring lace lingerie bralette and matching knickers brighton lace

Purple Heather Halterneck Set

Use code LOVESPRING to get your new lacies with free shipping.

We love hearing from you! Although we’d like to think we’ve got all the bases covered if there is colour you love and don’t see let us know!

Quiet moments on your Wedding Day

We’ve teamed up with the talented stylist wedding Kate Cullen, brilliant videographers Baxter and Ted and stunning wedding photographers Bowtie and Belle to bring you “Quiet Moments on Your Wedding Day”. Everything featured here can be found at the exquisite online bridal collection, Fine Art Wedding Boutique.


Imagine the morning of your wedding day, you open your eyes and remember today is the day you’re going to be walking down the aisle and into the arms of the one you love. It’s a day of pure celebration, and it’s your time to (really) shine.

the morning of your wedding day


Reflecting on your vows

Reflecting on all that has led to this special day.

Getting married

Imagine stepping into your beautiful bridal lingerie set, the floral lace soft against your skin, the matching bralette luxurious and elegant. You see the jewellery you have chosen laid out on the side, your dress handing up ready for it’s special bride. Everything you have chosen so carefully.



You can browse our handmade bridal lingerie in cream, white and rosebud laces at the Fine Art Wedding Boutique, but it’s not just our lace underwear you’ll find. Browse the gorgeously curated boutique for handcrafted English made pieces that will make you wedding day sparkle.

bridal hair pieces


bridal hairpieces

bridal hairpiece

Photography: Bowtie + Belle Photography

Creative Director: Kate Cullen for the Fine Art Wedding Boutique

Videographers: Baxter and Ted

Hair accessories and jewellery: Victoria Fergusson Accessories

Floral Design: Bramble and Wild

Stationery: Gemma Milly

Hair accessories: Victoria Millesime

Ribbons: Kate Cullen

Oblique pen holder: Toms Studio

Lingerie: Brighton Lace

Wedding rings: Sarie Joynes Bespoke Jeweller

Hand carved wooden cutlery and ring holder: Thorne & Anchor

Jewellery and knitwear: Kelly Spence Bridal

Model: Alexa Taylor

Venue: Dowry House

MUA: Victoria Fergusson

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